This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

5big Network 1 - Installing a New Disk

To remove a disk:
  1. The drive tray may be locked. To unlock it, use the 2-in-1 RAID mode change and drive lock tool to turn the lock until the slot is vertical.
  2. Draw out the drive tray by inserting your finger into the space behind the drive tray handle and pulling to disengage the drive.
  3. Grasp the drive tray handle and carefully extract the drive.

To install a disk:

Replacing a drive involves two main steps, installing the new drive and initializing the new disk on the System > RAID page.
  1. Carefully insert the drive tray into an empty drive bay. When the drive tray is most of the way in and you feel resistance, press the drive tray handle firmly until you feel the drive snap into place and the drive tray handle is flush with the back of the 5big.
  2. Use the 2-in-1 RAID mode change and drive lock tool to unlock the drive.
  3. In the System > RAID page, you will see a message indicating that the system has recognized a new disk and requesting user validation.
  4. The new disk will be added as a spare or as a part of a RAID array and will begin to rebuild.

Note: After continuous use of the LaCie 5big network, drives may be hot. Use caution when removing.

Note: In the event that an individual hard disk fails in the LaCie 5big network, please contact your LaCie reseller or LaCie Customer Support. Please replace a defective hard drive only with a new drive provided by LaCie.