5big Thunderbolt 2 - Creating a RAID

These instructions are for how to create a RAID array in the LaCie RAID Manager.

In order to create a RAID array:

  1. Open the LaCie RAID Manager from your Applications list.
  2. Once open, select the Adaptor 0 line from the left column.
  3. Select the Operation tab on the right side, then select Create Array.
    Option for creating an array.
  4. Select which drives you wish to add to the RAID by clicking on the icon for each drive you wish to add.
    Drive selection tool.
  5. Once selected, verify the settings at the bottom of the page and select Submit.
  6. Select your preferred RAID configurations from the options available in the RAID Level pulldown menu.
  7. Select enable or disable disk cache from the the second pulldown.
  8. Select the Stripe Size from the third pulldown menu.
    256K is generally the default; higher stripe sizes are recommended if you will be working with larger files (i.e. HD video and audio).
  9. Fill in a title for the RAID in the Name box.
  10. Press the Submit button to create the RAID.

Now that the RAID has been created, you need to create a virtual disk.

  1. Select the Array 0 line from the left hand column and select the tab Create VD.
    Screen for creating a virtual disk.
  2. In this window, enter a title for the Virtual Disk in the Name box.
  3. Choose whether to turn Cache Mode on (for greater performance) or off (for greater reliability).
  4. The rest can be left at default unless you have specific preferences for Initialization, Stripe Size, and Gigabyte Rounding.
  5. Once this is completed, select the Submit button to create the Virtual Disk.