Adobe FAQ

There are a few ways to redeem the Adobe offer included with your drive. The Adobe redemption method depends on your device

  • The most common - locate the ‘Start_Here’ icon on your drive
  • For some LaCie drives - locate the flyer in the box with a code
  • For DJI Copilot - register through the Copilot app and wait for the confirmation e-mail

Using the ‘Start_Here’  method

  1. Using a file browser such as File Explorer or Finder, open your drive.
  2. Click the Start_Here icon.
  3. Start_Here opens in a browser window. Proceed through the sequence until you reach the Adobe tab and then click Get offer.
    NOTE: If you are having issues with ‘Start_Here’, or the ‘Start_Here’ is no longer on your drive, contact support.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to redeem your Adobe offer.



How can I redeem the offer?

  • For products other than the LaCie DJI Copilot, if the box didn’t include a flyer with a code then you must use the ‘Start_Here’ icon on the drive. For DJI Copilot register using the app and wait for the confirmation e-mail.

Will it work if I register at

  • No, registering at will not work. The redemption process must be done using one of the ways listed at the top of the article

When does the offer expire?

  • Offer expires one year from date of registration except for the DJI Fly Drive which expires on May 31, 2019

What if the ‘Start_Here’ icon is missing or there is no flyer in the box?

  • In these situations the only option is to contact Support with proof of purchase using this link -
  • Support will provide you with a custom link to redeem the offer
  • Links from support will not work using Linux or your mobile device’s browser. The process must be done using a computer
  • This process does not include DJI Copilot which must be done by registering through the Copilot app