Cannot Play Video_TS folder.

Cannot Play Video_TS folder

The LaCinema Black series of drives cannot play a VIDEO_TS folder natively.  However, you can use the below procedure to convert the VIDEO_TS folder to an ISO which can be played on your LaCinema Black.


1.  Download ImageBurn from

2.  Install ImageBurn.

3.  Open ImageBurn.

4.  Click on "Create Image file from files/folders"


Step 4 - Start Process


5.  Click on "Browse for folder".  Then, choose your VIDEO_TS folder.


Step 5 - Browse for folder


6.  Click on "Save as".  Then choose a name and a place for your .ISO file.


Step 6 - Choose location and name


7.  Finally, click on "Build".


Step 7 - Build ISO


When the build process has completed, you can play your .ISO file on your LaCinema Black Multimedia disk.