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Ethernet Big Disk and Ethernet Disk Mini v2 show 'Broken Shares' in the web administration.

Ethernet Big Disk and Ethernet Disk Mini v2 show "Broken Shares" in the web administration.

"Broken Share" can indicate up to two separate problems with a share. The error appears when the operating system has information regarding a share, but the actual folder containing the data doesn’t exist, or is unreadable.

Try the steps below to solve the problem.

First, use a different external power supply from an identical LaCie drive (if possible.) A partial power supply failure could definitely cause this behavior.

If the power supply is not found to be the issue (or one is not available), try to format the drive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Following the procedure below will ERASE ALL DATA on the drive. Prior to following these directions, verify important data is stored securely on a different storage device.

Connect to the web administration page, then choose the disk tab. From there, click "Format". The web administration will request confirmation. Click OK.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, or gives an error message, try the reset procedure.