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Ethernet Disk mini Media Server Functionality

About UPnP Media Server

    Because the Ethernet Disk mini is UPnP(Universal Plug and Play), it can dynamically:
    • Join automatically a home entertainment network.
    • Convey its capabilities to other UPnP devices.
    • Learn about the presence and capabilities of other devices.
    The Ethernet Disk mini media server can stream any content – whether it be music, videos, or photos – to a Digital Media Adapter (DMA) connected to a display (TV) or audio system. The Ethernet Disk mini media server will automatically organize music, photo, video files using embedded metadata information to allow quick and easy display from any digital media adapter. Once enabled and configured, the ED mini media server will allow you to enjoy your music, photos and video without turning on your computer.

    Configuring Media Server Functions

      From the NAS Administration Page, select the Media tab. On this page, you can manage the Ethernet Disk mini’s MediaServer settings.

      Enabling the MediaServer
        By default, the MediaServer is disabled. To enable the MediaServer, click on Enable MediaServer.

        Selecting Shares with Media Content
          One easy step allows you to define which folder and content types will be shared among the digital home audio/ video network. The multimedia files located in the selected folders will be available for playback on your digital media player.
          1. Select the folder by clicking All in the right-hand column to share all content types (music, video, photos). Or, specify the content type you would like to share by clicking on the Music, Photo and Video box.
          2. Click on Apply Changes to confirm your selection.
          3. The media server will now search for the content you elected to share in the Status section of the Media menu page.
          4. After a few minutes, refresh your browser and you will see the result of the server scan. The scanned content should now be available for playback from your digital media adapter.
          New multimedia content added to the selected shared folders is automatically scanned, avoiding manual or scheduled rescan. The database will constantly update itself, thereby making new content quickly available on your DMA.

          Restarting the Media Server
            Restarting the server may be necessary if you notice a decrease in file sharing performance. During the restart, the Media Server will be temporarily unavailable.