Files Copied by Toolkit’s Offloader Feature


Offloader is a feature within Toolkit designed to let you quickly copy large video files from the internal drive to the external drive. Offloader offers to copy video files only once during the initial setup of Toolkit. There is no way to run it manually within Toolkit if skipped during the initial setup.

Videos that meet all the following requirements will be copied:

  • Files that are located in the current user folder
  • Files that are larger than 100 MB in size
  • Files that have the following extension:
    • *.mp4
    • *.m4v
    • *.asf
    • *.avi
    • *.mkv
    • *.mov
    • *.mpg2
    • *.mpg
    • *.mpeg1
    • *.m2ts
    • *.mts
    • *.m2t
    • *.mt2s
    • *.wmv
    • *.iso
    • *.udf

The copied files will be stored in the following location based on operating system:

  • For Windows - X:\Toolkit\Offloaded Videos
    • X is the drive letter for your external drive and the letter may change depending on the number of connected devices.
  • For Mac - /DriveName/Toolkit/Offloaded Videos
    • DriveName equals the name you provided the drive