Format a large volume in FAT32

Format a large volume in FAT32.

Modern Windows operating systems only allow creation of FAT32 volumes smaller than 32GB. Generally, this is a good idea, as FAT32 volumes larger than 32 GB are very unstable.

However, in some circumstances, a large volume must be in FAT32. To create a large FAT32 partition, 3rd party tools are required.

There are several tools that can do this. Commercially, Partition Magic , or Paragon Partition Manager have friendly interfaces, and work well. There are also open source or freeware applications available on the internet. FAT32 Formatter or Gparted are good examples.

If a Macintosh is available, Disk Utility can format any drive in FAT32 regardless of size (up to 2TB.) It refers to FAT32 as "MS-DOS (FAT)"

NOTE: 3rd party utilities are not supported by LaCie, and are included for information purposes only.