How do I install a drive on Windows ME or 98SE?

Note: Not all LaCie drives are compatible with Windows ME or 98SE. If you are unsure if your drive is supported, please check the minimum system requirements in the LaCie product manual. FireWire devices do not require drivers. For Windows ME and 98SE, USB2 drivers will need to be installed before connecting the drive. To install USB drivers double-click on the "LaCie_USB_Driver_Install.exe" installer located in the USB 2.0 Drivers Install folder on the LaCie Storage Utilities CD before physically connecting the USB 2.0 drive. Optionally, you may download the LaCie USB2.0 Driver here.

  1. Connect the drive
  2. Right-click on My Computer, go to Properties and select Device Manager. The drive should show up in Device Manager under Disk Drives.
  3. Open up My Computer. If the drive is formatted FAT32, it should show up with a drive letter. If not, you will need to format the drive.

To Format or Partition the Drive

NOTE: Formatting or partitioning the drive will erase all data on the drive. NOTE: Because of limitations with FAT32, the maximum size partition you can create is 32GB. You will need to set up multiple FAT32 partitions.

  1. Right-click on My Computer and go to Properties and select Device Manager.
  2. Double-click on the new drive listed in the Disk drives folder.
  3. Select the Settings Tab. Make sure that INT 13 is selected. Close the windows.
  4. Go to Start and select Run.
  5. Type in 'command' and OK. A DOS Prompt window will open.
  6. Type 'fdisk'.
  7. A message will come up asking if you wish to enable large disk support. Type 'Y'. The FDISK Options window will open.
  8. Select #5 -"Change current fixed disk drive" and select the new drive. (The new drive will not have a letter assigned to it). It will take you back to the FDISK Options window.
  9. Select #1 - Create DOS Partition.
  10. Select #1 - Create Primary DOS Partition. When done reboot.
  11. Open My Computer, right-click on the drive and select Format.

The partition(s) should now show in My Computer with a drive letter.