How reliable is the biometric sensor?

The Rugged Safe features a high end biometric sensor as LaCie has always used in the past. - Historically, less then 0.01% of LaCie Safe product returns are due to the biometric sensor. - On the Rugged Safe, the lifetime of the biometric sensor is guaranteed to be at least 10 years by our supplier. - The coating on the surface of the TouchStrip sensor provides protection from scratching and abrasion due to normal contact with fingertips and any incidental contact with fingernails. - Small scratches on the sensor surface will not affect operation of the sensor. - The coating on the TouchStrip sensor provides protection from exposure to a wide variety of chemical contaminants. - The Rugged Safe enclosure has been designed to protect the sensor as much as possible from direct shocks and contact with hard objects. That is the reason why the sensor is embedded so deeply into the enclosure.