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IP Configurator and Network Assistant are unable to find a Network Space

IP Configurator and Network Assistant are unable to find a Network Space

Begin troubleshooting by examining the physical setup of the Ethernet Disk. Ideally, place the drive and the computer on the same switch or router. Make sure the cables are connected securely, and the lights near the Ethernet ports are on.

Disable any anti-virus or anti-spyware programs. IP configurator and Network Assistant uses a less common protocol called ARP to find an Ethernet Disk. As this isn't often used by computer users, many firewall and security programs will interfere with it.

Connect the drive directly to the computer with an Ethernet cable (a crossover cable if the computer is more than a few years old.) This will determine if the router is interfering with ARP. If it works then, connect to the router's web administration page and look for the drive on the DHCP table. This term is different from router to router, but most can display a list of all connected computers (including the Ethernet disk.)

If nothing works, reset the drive to factory defaults to see if the problem is related to the drive's configuration.

The procedure below will reset the Network Space to factory settings:


1. Switch the drive OFF. Wait for the drive to power down. If it does not power down within two minutes, unplug the drive from power, then reconnect it.

2. Switch the drive ON. After about three seconds, flip the power switch to the OFF position, then ON again.

3. If the light on the front quickly pulses, the drive is now reset to its factory settings. The data is unaffected by this procedure.