LaCie Storage and iPad 10th Generation

LaCie storage devices with thunderbolt cannot be used with iPad 10th generation. Further, some LaCie USB storage devices may experience detection issues when connected to a 10th Generation iPad with USB-C port. LaCie has released a firmware update that addresses this specific issue for the devices listed below.  

If you are unsure which generation iPad you have, see Identify your iPad model 

The firmware update is needed only if you are using one or more of the devices listed below with a 10th Generation iPad. While the firmware update is not data destructive, you should back up your files before running the update.  

The firmware update can be found on the support page for the device. 

If the device is still not detected on iPad 10th Generation following the firmware update, confirm that sufficient power is available and that the drive has a supported file system.  

If the drive was formatted exFAT on Windows, then the allocation size may not be supported. Try reformatting the drive exFAT on Mac or using an Allocation size between 128K to 1024K when formatting on Windows. WARNING: Formatting the drive will erase all data, you must back up all data before formatting the storage device.