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LightScribe FAQ

This article contains basic information and frequently asked questions about the LightScribe software.

Which operating systems support burning LightScribe labels?

Mac: While you may burn media with OS 9.1 and newer, you must have OS 10.3.2 or newer in order to burn the LightScribe labels. 

PC: Windows 2000 and XP support burning LightScribe labels. You may burn media with Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 or XP.

How do I use LightScribe to label a disc?

To burn a LightScribe label, simply follow your software’s onscreen instructions. If you’re using Easy Media Creator 7, the application will ask if you want to burn a label. Then it will gather content to pre-populate a suggested label design and present the design onscreen. You have the option of selecting that label or making changes. If you’re using SureThing CD/DVD Labeler (Windows XP, 2000) or LaCie LightScribe Labeler (Mac OS X) disc labeling software, simply launch the software and design the label onscreen by typing in the title information and choosing or importing graphics. Once you’re finished with the design, simply remove the disc from the burner, flip it over, and reinsert it label-side down. Then click “Print” to send the image to the drive. After the label is burned, the disc is ejected and your LightScribe CD or DVD is complete. 

How can I learn the function of a button in LightScribe?

Move the cursor above the button and a function description will appear after a few seconds. 

Does LightScribe print in full color?

LightScribe labeling is currently only available in grayscale (monochrome).

Can I burn the LightScribe label before burning the data onto the CD?

Yes. You may create your label before or after burning your data to the media. It will not make a difference.  

What types of labels can I burn on a LightScribe disc?

LightScribe-enabled software comes with a variety of backgrounds to help you create great-looking labels, or you can import digital photos or your own images from Photoshop. There are three types of backgrounds to choose from—Title, Content, and Full—and each refers to how much radial space is covered on the label. You can also choose between circular and straight text for your label. 

Can I save my own LightScribe template?

No. You have to save your project in your document folder and open it when you want to create a similar design. 

Can I change a LightScribe template?

No. The existing templates cannot be altered. You must save your modifications under a different file name. 

Can I add to a LightScribe label that has already been burned?

Yes. Start with your original label template and then add the new label information. Be sure to remove your previous information from the template to avoid burning it again. 

Will LightScribe discs work with non-LightScribe drives?

Yes. The data side will work as it always has. But LightScribe discs cannot be labeled in a non-LightScribe drive.

Why do labeled LightScribe DVDs look different from labeled LightScribe CDs?

The difference in appearance of labeled LightScribe DVDs and CDs stems from the difference in how CDs and DVDs are made. DVDs have a second plastic layer, which CDs don’t have, that creates a kind of “plastic sandwich” around the reflective layer on which data is burned. This additional plastic layer separates the reflective layer from the LightScribe coating on the surface of the disc. When you look at a labeled LightScribe DVD, you are seeing through that additional plastic layer, which creates a three-dimensional effect. In our testing, we have found that many people think the dynamic appearance of LightScribe-labeled DVDs is especially suited to media which store videos and creative content.

Can I use my computer for other things while the LightScribe label is burning?

Yes. The labeling runs in the background, so your computer can be used for other tasks while the process is underway.

Can I leave my computer unattended while the LightScribe label is burning?

Yes. LightScribe doesn't require your presence during the burning process. In addition, a LightScribe system will not go into sleep or power-save mode while it is burning a label.

Can I rewrite or erase a LightScribe label?

No. Current LightScribe technology is not erasable. Once the image is burned, it’s permanent. But software applications with LightScribe capabilities are designed to preview the image onscreen before it is burned—you can accept or make changes to that image before moving forward, so unplanned or undesired images will not be sent to the disc for burning. 

Can I add content to a LightScribe label I’ve already burned?

Yes. If you decide to add content later, it will be correctly aligned with existing titles and images. 

Can I burn on several LightScribe DVD drives?

Yes. You will have to duplicate the application as many times as required. There are three ways to do this on Mac OS X: Press the Option key and drag and drop the application logo to another location; Select the application logo, then copy and paste it; or Select the application and press Command+D. 

When do I need to update my LightScribe software?

LightScribe-enabled software can detect when an update is needed, and will prompt you to get one. If your software cannot be updated by clicking on the update button, you should visit the LaCie support website. 

The media packaging I bought indicates I should check with for “optimal use.” How do I know if I need it?

If your LightScribe media has been released with new capabilities since the manufacture of your optical disc drive, the software will automatically guide you through the update process or direct you to a website for additional information. 

Does the additional use of the laser in a LightScribe-enabled drive shorten its life?

Under typical labeling circumstances, there is no significant reduction in laser life. Based on typical use for both data and label sides of the disc, the laser is well within the design specifications. 

Do slot-loader players affect the coating of LightScribe CDs and DVDs?

No. Scratch testing has shown that the coating on LightScribe CDs and DVDs is robust and should not be affected by slot-loader players. 

How should I clean my LightScribe-labeled discs?

The best way to clean the label side of the disc is with a soft, lint-free cloth. There are cleaning kits available on the market, or you can clean discs with water. 

Why is my LightScribe label cut off at the top and bottom?

When this happens, please quit the application and try lower screen resolutions. 

I have noticed that, after awhile, some of my LightScribe labeled discs get a whitish powder on them. What is it?

The white powder you may see on some labeled discs results from crystallization of the label-side coating. It is not harmful and can easily be removed with a water-dampened cloth. Wiping the disc with a damp cloth will not harm the label. 

Does ultraviolet light fade a LightScribe label? How much does the image fade, and over what period of time?

Sustained exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided, both to prevent damage to the data side of the disc and possible fading of the label image. The image will fade under direct sunlight, but the rate will depend on the light's intensity and exposure time. 

How should LightScribe labeled discs be handled and stored?

To ensure maximal life for both data and label, hold discs on the outside edge or through the center hole to prevent fingerprints. Keep discs away from extreme heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. Ideally, you should keep discs on a spindle, in a disc sleeve, or in a jewel case, and then store them in a cool, dark place. And be sure to use polypropylene disc sleeves rather than PVC sleeves; PVC sleeves will cause images to degrade over time, while polypropylene does not adversely affect the coating or images.

Does the LightScribe imaging process emit any hazardous chemicals?

No. The laser imaging process initiates a chemical change in the disc coating, and no hazardous chemicals are emitted during burning.  

Are LightScribe discs environmentally safe?

Yes. A study of the potential for health and safety problems resulting from handling LightScribe-coated discs found no reason for concern.

Can LightScribe discs be recycled?

Yes. CDs and DVDs contain polycarbonate and metal films that can be recycled. 

What happens if I forget to flip the LightScribe disc before burning the label side?

The LightScribe system recognizes whether or not the disc is label-side down, and it will not try to write a label to the data side, nor will it attempt to burn data to the label side. If the wrong side is presented for either data burning or label burning, your disc will be ejected and a software message will be displayed. 

When I try to import an image via the LightScribe import image dialogue box nothing happens. Why?

Move the cursor to the main window until you see a plus sign (+). Click on the location where you want to add your image. 

When I try to add text to the LightScribe label nothing happens. Why?

Move the cursor to the main window until you see a plus sign (+). Click on the location where you want to add your text. 

Will the LightScribe image cause imbalance when the CD or DVD is spinning in the drive, the way a paper label can?

No. A LightScribe disc is as evenly balanced as any high-quality CD or DVD, and it spins evenly within the drive. Burning an image onto the disc does not change its balance, nor does it impede the disc’s ability to spin properly. 

What if I make a mistake and try to burn a label on a non-LightScribe disc; will non-LightScribe discs work in my LaCie LightScribe drive?

Yes. The data side will work. But the software will not send a label image to a non-LightScribe disc, so no label will be burned if it is not a LightScribe disc. 

I get an error message that indicates an update is required to use my LightScribe labeling system. Is it really required?

If you get this error, an update must be done in order to use the LightScribe labeling system. To perform the update, simply click on the update button as prompted by the application. Until the update is performed, you will receive this message every time you try to label a disc. 

Label software can not see the drive. 

If the drive and the software have been fully updated from the updates available off of our website, but SureThing labeler is still not seeing the drive as a lightscribe drive, try the following procedure:

  1. Click "Start" and choose "run". On Windows Vista, press [Windows button] + [R] on the keyboard.
  2. Type "regedit" and choose "OK".
  3. Make a backup of the registry by choosing "File", then "Export". Give the file a name, and save it to the desktop. This allows the registry to be restored in the event of a mistake.
  4. Double-click on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE".
  5. Double-click on "SOFTWARE".
  6. Double-click on "Microsoft".
  7. Double-click on "Windows NT".
  8. Double-click on "CurrentVersion".
  9. Click on "Winlogon". Check the value "allocatecdroms" on the right column. If this is 1, set it to 0. If it is already 0, do not change anything.
  10. Click OK, and close the Registry Editor. Restart the computer.

If the value needed to be changed, the problem should be solved.