NAS - Computer to network device backups

Some guidance on how to back up data from your computer, to a NAS device.

There are several ways to back up data stored on your computer to a NAS device:

  • The most simple method, with no additional software or significant configuration, is the "drag and drop" method. Simply open the desired NAS share in an Explorer or Finder window, then drag (by clicking and holding) the data to that Share and "drop" by releasing the click button on your mouse. This doesn't move the data, it creates a copy of it. Many users find this method to be the most desirable simply because it's easy, fast and doesn't require any setup. If the data being backed up doesn't change often or regularly then there may not be a need to have a scheduled automatic backup. An easy way to organize multiple backups using this method is to create a new folder within the Share each time new data is dragged and dropped, for example with the current date as the name for every new folder.
  • Operating Systems have built-in software solutions to create automatic schedules, or 3rd party software can be used if desired. When choosing a destination for these types of backups, either browse for the desired Share on the local Network, or choose a mapped Share from Explorer or Finder. LaCie Technical Support can provide basic guidance when using these methods, although when using 3rd party software it is advised to contact their support for more complete information.