Navigating to RGB Control on 324

Navigating to the RGB control on a 324 monitor. 


The controls for manipulating the 324's color levels are a bit obscured to reach. To get to the Red / Green / Blue modifiers for this monitor, please do the following steps:

- Press Menu to bring up the OSD.

- Press either down or up, to get to the Video category.

- The 'Screen Mode' category at top should be set to 'STD', or 'standard'.

- Press down to the 'Color Temp' category.

- Highlight the last option to the right, the icon should look like an empty thermometer.

- Press the 'Input' button.

As of this point, this should bring open the R, G, and B controls for you to manipulate.  This will have a direct impact on the red, green and blue cast you are seeing.  Usually, setting the RGB to the same setting on each color option, typically keeps the whites looking white.