This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Replace a drive on 2Big Network v.1

Steps to replacing a drawer and starting the resync process on a 2Big Network v.1.2

To begin the resynchronization process on a 2Big V1.2 please follow these steps: 

1) While the unit is ON unlock the faulty disk drive and remove it from the enclosure

2) Access the web admin page as normal (see manual for instructions to access the web admin) and click on "system" then "raid". The page should reflect that the drawer has been removed. 

3) Insert the replacement disk and lock it into position

4) Refresh the web admin and it should reflect that a synchronization has begun. You may need to log out of the web admin and log back in. 

NOTE: The estimated time may be inaccurate if the device is used or accessed during the sync process. It will not update for system slowing situations, please give the device at least 24 hours to complete if it does not finish in the estimated time.