Troubleshoot Media Server on NAS devices

Troubleshoot Media Server on NAS devices


If you are able to access the NAS shares and web admin without an issue, but media streaming devices are not able to detect the unit, please follow the suggestions below to help determine the issue:

- Make certain you have enabled Media Sharing for the share where you have placed the media files. This is controlled via the web admin interface for the drive. Some devices require that each share has the option to enabled.

- Make certain you have placed compatible media files into the share. The share itself will not begin broadcasting until there is at least one valid media file to share in a folder with the sharing enabled. Problems with media files could include, but is not limited to: files of an unsupported type, files using an unsupported codec, or files with DRM protection. For testing, try placing a single MP3 file into the share, and see if this resolves the issue.

- Make certain no Firewall or security software is blocking the port that the media server uses for its connection. For iTunes connections, this is port 3689 but other devices may use UPnP. Your router must support and have UPnP enabled. 

- If you are using a wireless network connection, try connecting the computer to a wired connection for troubleshooting. Wireless connections can have additional security settings that may block this type of connection.

- If all else fails, try a direct ethernet cable connection between the drive and the computer you are using. This will eliminate many possible network conflicts and determine if the problem is the drive or a medium factor (such as the router)