Update Network 2 Drives using the LaCie Network Assistant

Update Network 2 Drives using the LaCie Network Assistant

Before updating the firmware on your network drive make sure the following conditions have been met:

  • Do not use a wifi connection to apply this update.  Make sure both the network drive and the PC or Mac are connected via an ethernet cable.
  • Make sure that users on your network have stopped any transfers to the NAS.
  • Turn off all other LaCie network devices on your network (please note that this is not required but prevents updating the wrong device)
  • Disconnect all shares on the NetworkSpace 2 from every machine connected to it
  • Turn off all firewall restrictions on the computer applying the update.  These can be re-enabled after, but may interfere with the Network Assistant applying the update during.
  • Do not use a direct connection from the network device to your Mac or PC.  APIPA is not supported for this update.
  • Uninstall all previous versions of LNA on your computer.  Download the 1.4.2 (or newer) version and install it.


Once the above conditions have been met proceed with the update below:


1.  Check that the LaCie Network Assistant version is 1.4.2 or later.  If it is not download and install the latest version.


2.  Download the update from LaCie and save it to a location that is easily found.


3.  Connect and switch on your NAS, it should appear in the LaCie Network Assistant.  Select your product and verify the current system version is less then 1.2.5:

Choose drive and verify version

4.  Click on the "Update your NAS..." button.  You will be asked to enter the administrator username and password:

Username and password

5.  You will be asked for the update capsule file:

Request capsule

6.  Browse to and select the capsule file.  Once selected click "Open":

Browse to file

7.  Verify the version information is correct.  Type should be Update and future version should be higher then current version.

Version info

8.  Click on Continue and you will see step 1 of the update start.  During this step your NAS will reboot:

Step 1

9.  Step 2 is the actual update applying:

Step 2

10.  Step 3 is the second reboot of the NAS:

Step 3

11.  The update is complete. Select OK to confirm.

Complete update