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Upgrading to 2.2.5

Upgrading to 2.2.5

The 2.5.5 update for the d2 Network, Big Disk Network, 2big Network, or 5big requires two patches to be fully updated.  Please follow the below directions to update your product.


To avoid potential issues, make sure no user (other than admin) is connected to the NAS, no transfer to the NAS are running, no download are running, and no multimedia indexing is running.


1.  Connect to the web administration for your product.


2.  Navigate to the Maintenance tab as shown in the screenshot below:


Maintenance tab


3. Select Update the System.


Update the System


4.  Click on Browse and select XX_Backend_update.signed where XX is the name of the product being updated (example: 2big_Backend_update.signed).  Then click on Apply.  After the file transfer the screen should update as seen below:


Backend applied


5. Click on Restart.  After restart connect to the Web Administration.  Go to Maintenance/Update the System as done previously.  You will see the previously applied backend update.


 Backend Applied 2


6.  Click on Browse and select XX_2.2.5.signed where XX is the product you are updating (example 2big_2.2.5.signed).  Click on Apply.  This update can take up to 5 minutes as it is a large file.  After transfer the screen should appear as in the below screenshot:


Update applied


7.  Click on Restart.  After restart the welcome screen should reflect the 2.2.5 update.


welcome screen with 225


The system is now ready to use with the new firmware.