Use Check Disk through the graphical interface

Use Check Disk through the graphical interface.

The chkdsk, or "Check Disk" utility, is a windows program that examines disk drives for corrupted or damaged areas.

Usually, the program is used through the DOS command line interface, but there is a version provided by Microsoft that uses the graphical interface instead. To use this program, follow the directions below:

  1. Open My Computer (it will be simply, "Computer" on Vista.)
  2. Right-click the drive letter that will be examined. Left-click Properties out of the menu that appears.
  3. When the Properties window appears, click the Tools tab, then choose "Check Now"
  4. The menu that appears is the Check Disk menu. Choose the first option to fix any problems found during the scan. Choose both buttons to do a complete test on the disk.

NOTE: With both options checked, the process can take several hours to complete.