Using LNA Recovery Mode

Using LNA recovery mode to reinstall a Network V2 Device operating system.

Important: This procedure should only be attempted by someone comfortable with device installation and should not be attempted except as a last resort and if all conventional troubleshooting has already been performed. 

In most cases it's preferable to attempt the built-in Factory Reset procedure, which can be found in the device's User Manual. Factory resets will attempt to retain any data stored on the device, while the procedure described in this article is data destructive.


In some cases of a corrupted Operating System on your NAS, you may choose to reinstall the OS rather then send the device in for warranty service. If data retention is not a concern, you can attempt to reinstall the operating system on your Network 2 device with the following process:

1. Power off any LaCie Network devices that may be on, including the device we are attempting to fix. If it will not shut down properly, click the switch to OFF and remove the power plug from the back of the device. 

2. Download and install the most recent version of the LaCie Network Assistant (LNA). Be sure to uninstall any previous version beforehand. 

3. Download the most recent Update Capsule for your network 2 device. If you are unsure of the proper file, do not continue without further clarification from the LaCie Technical Support staff. 

4. Extract the .zip Capsule file and place the .capsule file in an easily accessible location (for example: your desktop) 

5. Launch the LNA if not already running

6. Click on the LNA icon, select "preferences" and click on "recovery mode" - Once prompted for a recovery file, browse to the location where the .capsule was saved in, and select it. 

7. When the software states that it is looking for LaCie Network Devices, power ON the unit we are attempting to recover. The software should detect it after a few moments and begin installing. This process takes up to 30 minutes. 

8. When completed, the device will reboot and LNA should update with a "New Ethernet Disk Found" Connect to the device and perform an initial setup. 

If there are still issues or if you have any questions, please contact LaCie Technical Support immediately.