Why Does DJI Copilot Sometimes Have Problems Ingesting My Camera or Drone Directly?


With the DJI Copilot, there are multiple ways to ingest data into the Copilot.  When you connect a camera or a drone to Odonata through the USB port and do an ingest, it uses either the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) or the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP).  These protocols depend on the device connected to your Copilot to work correctly. The Copilot will make copy requests to the camera or drone you have plugged in, and then that device will transfer the files to your Copilot.  Sometimes, due to differing versions of the MTP/PTP protocols or other issues, your DJI Copilot may run into problems copying photos or videos directly from a camera or drone.


Most modern cameras and drones have a removable SD Card or MicroSD Card.  If, for some reason, your Copilot has difficulties ingesting data directly from your camera or drone, a simple solution is to remove the SD Card from the device and plug it into your Copilot to start the ingestion from the SD Card.  This will allow your Copilot to have complete control over the data, and will help resolve any communication issues between your device and your Copilot.