Will My DJI Copilot Ingest Every File from My Devices?

The DJI Copilot will attempt to copy all usable files from a device it is ingesting.  There are certain files and folders that the Copilot will skip to keep an ingest from failing, or to reduce unneeded files and folders.

Files that are skipped by Copilot:

  • Hidden files - File and folders marked as hidden either by the user or an Operating System.
  • Bad names - Files and folders that have characters that are not supported by the file system of Copilot.  For example, a file containing “:” being copied to your Copilot which is formatted exFAT.
  • Files or folders that contain the following: .meta, .system, *Recycle.bin, *RECYCLE.BIN, *recycle.bin, config.msi, System Volume Information, *.ds_store, *.tmp, *.temp, *desktop.ini, *.dropbox, *-journal, *thumbs.db