Wireless Space: Initial Setup

Some general information to help get a Wireless Space set up and configured.

Find more information in the Wireless Space User Manual:



It is important to determine in advance which configuration works best for your network. Please review section 2 of the manual: What is the best configuration for my network? to find the optimal mode for your Wireless Space. With a configuration in mind, you may run the Setup Wizard and connect to your network.


Preparing for the Setup:

  • Do not connect the Wireless Space to your router, switch, or Internet provider before running the Setup Wizard.
  • Quit the applications running on your computer.
  • If your computer is connected to the router, switch, or Internet provider via Ethernet, please disconnect the end from the router, switch, or Internet provider.

1. Connect the power cable to the Wireless Space (see 3.1. Connect the Power Supply) and turn the device on (1.5. Power Button Functions). In most instances, the light will become solid green and turn red during the setup.

2. Run the Utilities CD from the computer’s optical disk drive. When prompted, launch the Wireless Space Setup. DO NOT install LaCie Network Assistant before running the Wireless Space Setup.

3. Choose your language then select OK. After reading the welcome screen text, click Continue.

4. Select Do not enable Wi-Fi. Click Continue.

5. Select NAS. Click Continue.

6. You will be prompted to connect your computer to the Wireless Space. Please use one of the three ports marked LAN1, LAN2, or LAN3 on the back of the Wireless Space  

Note: DO NOT connect the cable to the port named INTERNET. LaCie recommends a Gigabit Ethernet cable for optimal performance (1.6. Gigabit Ethernet Cables And Connectors).

7. Once the Wireless Space has been connected to the computer, click Continue. 

8. The Setup will search for your Wireless Space. Move to the next step if the device is found. If not, please reinsert the Ethernet connections on the Wireless Space and the computer before trying again.

9. You must select and confirm a password that contains at least eight alphanumeric characters (Fig. 15). While not mandatory, LaCie recommends that you change the Login and Device name as well. Make certain to note your entries for future reference. 

10. Click Commit when you are ready for the Wireless Space Setup to configure the device.

11. The Wireless Space will reboot for the changes to take effect. If you received an error, please try again.


Important info: Frequent errors during the Setup may occur if too much time is taken to click Continue or Commit. If you experience such errors, please consider your responses before starting the Setup Wizard.


12. Once the Wireless Space has restarted, the device light will turn solid green, indicating that the wireless access point has not been enabled. 

13. You may connect the Wireless Space to the router, switch, or Internet provider via the included Gigabit Ethernet cable. Please use one of the three ports marked LAN1, LAN2, or LAN3 on the back of the Wireless Space. DO NOT connect the cable to the port named INTERNET. LaCie recommends a Gigabit Ethernet cable for optimal performance