NAS OS 4.x - How to enable a Live Video Feed in Seagate Surveillance Manager using Safari in Mac OS


  1. Java for Mac must be installed in advance before performing the following steps.
  2. The IP Camera must show as Connected in the Surveillance Manager under Camera and Status.

    Note: Some of the screenshots related to Java may or may not prompt every time depending on the issue.  The steps are relative to view a live video stream.

Restore Java Security Prompts

  1. On the Mac Desktop click the Apple in the top left corner and click System Preferences.
  2. Open Java.
  3. Click Security in the Java Control Panel.
  4. Check Enable Java content in the browser then click Restore Security Prompts.

  5. Click Restore All then click OK.

  6. Close Java.

Setup Safari to show a Live Video feed

  1. Open Safari.
  2. To open the NAS OS 4.x Welcome web page, use the Seagate Network Assistant or put in the NAS IP Address in Safari’s Address Bar and Enter.
  3. Log in to the NAS OS 4.x Home page.
  4. Open the Surveillance Manager and log in.
  5. Click Live under VIEWS

    The viewing screen should report, Java blocked for this website.  

     Do not click on it.
  1. Click Safari, top left, and choose Preferences.
  2. Click Security and Manage Website Settings

  3. Java should already be highlighted in the left column. Under Currently Open Websites, click the drop-down and choose Run in Safemode.

    A prompt will ask, "Are you sure you want to trust the website "NAS IP Address", to run "Java" in unsafe mode?"
  4. Click Trust, then click Done, and close the Security box.

  5. In the Live window, click on Java blocked for this website.

    A prompt will ask, "Do you want to trust the website ... to use the "Java" plug-in?”

  6. Click Trust.

    After clicking Trust, you will be sent to the Settings section on the left.
  7. Click Live again.

    A prompt will report, "Do you want to run this application?", the JavaWebClient.
  8. Click Run.  There is an option to select "not to show this prompt again". Use if needed.

    In a moment a Security Warning will ask "Allow access to the following application from this web site?”
  9. Click Allow.   There is an option to select "not to show this prompt again".  Use if needed.

    The camera should now be available in the field to the right of the viewing screen.
  10. Double click the Camera's name.


The viewing screen will show "Stopped" in red for a moment, however, a Live Video Stream will begin shortly.


Note: Safari for Windows is not supported with the Seagate Surveillance Manager.