NAS OS 4.x - How to Import and Export Seagate NAS Settings

Get information about how to import and export your settings for the NAS.

The Seagate NAS OS 4.0 has a new feature for Exporting and Importing NAS Settings.  These are the Export and Import Categories.

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Shares
  • General settings
  • Service settings
  • Power settings
  • Network settings
  • Notifications

If the NAS settings have been exported and the NAS needs to be completely restored to factory default, all of the above Settings can be imported.  Shares will be recreated on the new volume with Users, Groups and Permissions intact.

Note: Exporting Share Settings does not include share data.  After Settings, including Shares have been Imported, then data can be restored to the Shares from backups.


To Export Settings

  1. Bring up the Seagate NAS Welcome page using a browser by the NAS IP Address or Hostname.  The Seagate Network Assistant may also be used.
  2. On the NAS Welcome page, log in as an Administrator to have the option to Export and Import Settings.
  3. Click the ‘Device Manager’ icon on the Homepage or click the Home drop-down menu and click the ‘Device Manager’ icon there.

  4. Under the Customize category in the left column, choose ‘Settings’.

  5. In the Settings header to the right, click the ‘Import/Export settings’ button.

  6. The Import/Export Settings wizard will open.  Select Export settings, then click Next.

  7. Select the settings to export and click ‘Next’.  
    All settings are selected by default and is the best choice.

  8. Confirm the settings to export and click ‘Next’.
  9. Click the ‘Download the settings file’ button and then click ‘Close’.

  10. When a box opens to ask what to do with this file, choose ‘Save File’ and click ‘OK’.

    The file name will begin with nas_settings_the date_and the .export extension.  The file will  download to the browsers default or custom setup download folder.

To Import settings

  1. In the Device Manager page, under Customize click ‘Settings’ and the ‘Import/Export settings’ button.

  2. The Import/Export settings wizard will open.  Click the ‘Select file’ button and browse the Download folder and select the .export file.  Click ‘Next’.

    There are options to ‘Skip’, ‘Overwrite’, and ‘Clear all’ for Users, Groups, and Share’s settings.  

    Skip - Priority is given to the NAS’s settings.  In case of conflict, this device’s current settings will be kept.

    Overwrite -  Priority is given to the Imported settings.  In case of conflict, the device’s settings - Will clear current Users, Shares, Group names and replace them with the imported ones.

    A Note on Clear AllShare and associated data will be permanently erased.
  3. Select the settings for import and click ‘Finish’.

  4. A prompt will report, “You will change your NAS’s settings by importing this file. Click ‘Continue’.

  5. When the Import Completes it will list the status of each Category.  Review and click ‘Close’.