NAS OS 4.x - How To Playback Recorded Video Using The Seagate Surveillance Manager Or The Windows Playback System.

You can play back surveillance recordings via a browser and the Seagate Surveillance Manager app or the Windows Playback System application. Playback can occur from a PC on the local network or from a remote PC..

How To Playback Recorded Video Using The Seagate Surveillance Manager

  1. Login to the NAS OS 4.0 Home page and open the Surveillance Manager App and login.
  2. Under VIEWS click Playback.
  3. When the JavaWebClient prompts, click Run. (Required)
  4. Click Allow for the JavaWebClient Security Warning when prompted. (Required)
  5. Click the Folder icon to the right of the Viewing Screen.

The Date Time Search Dialog will open.

  1. Choose a day from the Calendar.
  2. Select a camera.
    In this example only one camera is used.
  3. Select Show Recording Schedule.  This will show a red or blue line in the timeline. Blue is for Record on Motion.
    Look for red dots or dashes in the timeline.  These indicate motion events.
  4. Use the zoom slider to enlarge the timeline.  The motion events will be easier to see and select.
  5. Holding the mouse button down, drag across the red dot or dash to select the motion event. The Date, Start and End Time of the selection will be reflected for the Date Time Period above.
  6. Click OK.

  7. Click the Play button to play the event in the larger playback screen.  Right click the screen for an option to Toggle Full Screen.

How To Playback Recorded Video Using The Windows Playback System Application.

  1. After installing the Windows Surveillance Manager Tools, locate the Playback System in the Windows 7 Start Menu or in Windows 8, the Playback System icon and open it.

Configure the Playback System For Local Network

  1. Click the Wrench icon on the right side of the Playback System and click Settings.

  2. Click the Server tab.
  3. Enter a Server name.
  4. Enter the IP Address of the NAS on the local network.
    The Port: defaults to 5160. To use the Windows Playback System at a remote location, Port 5160 must be port forwarded in the router’s setup utility.
    Consult the router’s documentation as needed for help forwarding a port.
  5. Enter the Username and Password that you use to login to the Surveillance Manager App.  The default information is below:

    Username:    admin
    Password:    admin

    Click a check mark next to Save password.  This will keep you from having to login every time.
  6. Click Test Server.  
  7. You should receive a Confirmation if the information is correct. Click OK.
  8. Click Add.  The NAS will be listed in the field to the right.  
  9. Select the NAS from the field on the right and click OK.

  10. Click the Folder icon.

    Notice that the Windows Playback System is the same as the Playback section in the NAS Surveillance Manager.
  11. Select the Home icon and choose the NAS.
  12. Choose a Date and Camera.
  13. Use the Zoom / Slider option to enlarge the timeline.  
  14. Locate and select an event  (red dot or dash) then click OK.

  15. Click the Play button on the Playback System

How To Playback Recorded Video Using The Windows Playback System

From A Remote Location

  1. On the local network use the router setup utility to Port Forward 5160 for the NAS IP Address.
    Consult the router’s documentation as needed for help forwarding a port.
  2. At a Remote Location install the Windows Surveillance Manager Tools.
  3. Open the Windows Playback System application.
  4. Click the Wrench icon and choose Settings and click the Server tab.
  5. Enter the WAN / Internet IP Address for the network where the NAS is instead of the NAS IP Address.
  6. Fill out the rest of the fields using the same information that was used for the local network playback steps above. Proceed with Test Server, Add, Select the Server on the right, and then click OK.

  7. Click the Folder icon on the right.  Follow the instructions above for selecting and playing a recording.

Access the Seagate Surveillance Manager app remotely using MyNAS.

The remote access option, Seagate MyNAS, must already be configured.  Please see the MyNAS section of the NAS OS 4 user guide for more information.

  1. Using a browser, go to
  2. Enter the MyNAS name and click Find.
  3. Login to the NAS Welcome page.

    On the Homepage open the Surveillance Manager App.

    You can now work with the Surveillance Manager in the NAS in its entirety while at a Remote location.  This includes playback of recorded video.