NAS OS 4.x - How To Schedule Recordings and Remove Recording Schedules

Get information on how to schedule recordings and remove recording schedules.

Configure Recording Settings.

  1. Login in to the NAS OS 4.0 Home page and open the Surveillance Manager App.
  2. Under RECORDING click Schedule.

    On the Recording mode tab, if you select Always record, the selected camera will begin recording immediately.

    If you enable Automatic recycle, it is suggested to recycle a disk when the storage space is less than 10% (the default).
  3. Specify the number of days to keep a video. The maximum is 365 days the default is 7.

    Note: If you select both Automatic recycle and Keep video, Automatically recycling takes precedent.

Setup a Daily Recording Schedule

Daily Schedules can be set for each camera which means that the recorder turns on and off at the same time every day according to the settings.

  1. Under RECORDINGS click Schedule.
  2. For the Recording mode select Record by schedule and click Save.
  3. Click the Recording schedule tab.
  4. Select Day and a camera name from the Camera list.

    In this example we are using one camera.

The red bar indicates Always record.

There are two ways to set recording times.
  1. Using a mouse to drag the red bar around the timeline.
  2. Click Configure.

Using the mouse to set the Start and End Time

  1. Grab the right edge of the red bar with the mouse and drag it to the left to free some space on the timeline.

  2. Position the mouse in the middle of the red bar and hold the mouse button down. Drag the entire red bar to the right leaving the left edge on the chosen start time.
  3. Grab the right edge of the red bar and drag it to the chosen stop time.

    In this example the record time is set to begin at 4am and to stop recording at 11:30 am.

    It is possible to start and stop the recorder more than once in the same day.  Insert is used for this.
  4. Click Insert.

  5. Enter the start and stop time using military time and click OK.

    Remember to click Save or all changes will be lost when leaving the page.

    Now the recorder has been set to start and stop twice in the same day.


Using Configure

Configure is used to set the Start and Stop time, Pre and Post-record time, and Record on event, including digital input.
  1. Click Configure.
  2. Enter the start and stop time using military time.
  3. Set the Mode to Record on Event.
  4. Click a check next to Motion on (camera name).

    If an event triggers a recording, the Pre and Post-record settings will cause it to capture the moments before and after the event was triggered.
  5. Enter a Pre-record time.  
  6. Enter a Post-record time.
  7. Enable audio recording.

    There is an option for Digital Input. Some IP cameras are equipped with their own digital inputs that can support a variety of sensors and devices including I/O box inputs.
  8. Click OK and Save.

    Note: To enable a Motion Event, Motion must be setup in the camera’s setup page.

    The blue bar indicates an event based motion detection recording.

Setup a Weekly Recording Schedule

  1. In the Camera list choose Week and select a camera name.
  2. Select a Day and choose Configure.
  3. Continue to schedule each day of the week.
  4. Be sure to click Save.

    Settings will be lost if you leave the page without Saving.

    Each Day can be configured to have multiple start and stop times and be set to record on a motion event.

    The following Weekly Schedule is configured to:

    Sunday and Saturday - Record on event 24 hours.

    Monday - Thursday - Record on event 6am to 12pm and 1pm to 6pm.

    Friday - Record on event 6am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm.


How To Remove A Weekly or Daily Schedule

  1. Select a camera
  2. Select a Day of the week and click each colored bar in a day’s timeline, then click Delete.
  3. Repeat this action for the remaining days of the week then click Save.

    Note: With blank timelines use Insert to enter start and stop times.