NAS OS 4.x - Monitoring Live Streams with the Seagate Surveillance Manager App and the Windows Remote Live Viewer Tool

Using Live Viewing in the Surveillance Manager App

  1. Login in to the NAS OS 4.0 Home page and open the Surveillance Manager App and login.
  2. Under VIEWS click Live.  
  3. When the JavaWebClient prompts, click Run. (Required)
  4. Click Allow for the JavaWebClient Security Warning when prompted. (Required)  

    A small icon with a camera name will appear in a field to the right of the Live viewing screen.
  5. Double click the camera name to connect to it to receive a live feed.

    A Live stream should now be available. Right click on it to enable Full Screen viewing if needed.

Monitoring Live Streams using the Windows Remote Live Viewer Tool

The Remote Live Viewer Tool for Windows can be used at a Workstation / PC on the local network or from a PC at a remote location.  


Live Viewing On The Local Network

  1. Download and Install the Windows Surveillance Manager Tool.
  2. Open the Remote Live Viewer.

  3. Click the Wrench icon and choose Settings.


Settings For Local Network Viewing

  1. Click the Server tab.
  2. Enter the NAS name for the Server name.
  3. Enter the NAS IP Address or Hostname for address:.  
  4. Enter the Username and Password that you use to login to the Surveillance Manager App.

    Username: admin
    Password:  admin
  5. Choose Save password and Auto login.
  6. Click Test server.
  7. Click Add and then select the NAS from the field on the right and click OK.  

  8. In the LIve Viewer right click the camera and choose connect or double click the camera to connect.

    A Live View can now be monitored from a Workstation / PC on the local network.

Settings For Remote Live Viewing

  1. While at a Workstation / PC at a remote location, download and install the Windows Surveillance Manager Tools.
  2. Open the Remote Live Viewer.  
  3. Click the Wrench icon and choose Settings.

    Note: Port 5150 must be port forwarded in the router’s setup page on the local network where the NAS is located for Remote Live Viewing to work. For help forwarding a port consult the router’s documentation.

    The only difference in Settings for Viewing Live Streams REMOTELY is the following.
  4. For the Address: Instead of inserting the NAS IP Address enter the WAN / Internet IP address for the network where the NAS is located.  

    For the rest of the settings, use the same information that was used for Live Viewing on the local network as shown above.

    Viewing Live Streams should now be possible when at a remote location.  

Access the Seagate Surveillance Manager app remotely using MyNAS.

The remote access option, Seagate MyNAS, must already be configured.
  1. Using a browser, go to
  2. Enter the MyNAS name and click Find.
  3. Login to the NAS Welcome page.  

    On the Homepage open the Surveillance Manager App.

    You can now work with the Surveillance Manager in the NAS in its entirety while at a Remote location.  This includes LIve Streaming.