NAS OS 4.x - The File Browser reports, "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()". The User will not have access to shares.

If a User is assigned to or has access to more than 20 Shares, including Public Shares, the File Browser will not list the user’s shares and will report an error, "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()".


This issue will be corrected in a future firmware update.


Example: The following screenshot shows that File Browser does not list the user’s shares and the error is shown in red.



In this example the user is assigned to 20 Shares. There is a single Public folder which is accessible by all users. This makes a total of 21 Shares available to the user which has exceeded the File Browser’s 20 Share available limit.


There are two ways to correct the above issue.

To correct the above issue remove the username permissions from shares so that a user does not have access to more than 20 shares. This includes public shares.

  • In Device Manager go to Shares. Reduce the number of Shares available to a user by using the Share Edit option. Choose Users and then remove the user from the permissions field.

  • Edit any public shares and make them private but do not assign a user to them.


After using one of the options to correct the issue, you must log out of the NAS OS 4.x Home page and then log back in.

Now when opening the File Browser the user’s shares are now available.  


The following screenshot shows that 19 shares and one public folder are now available to the user in File Browser.  The issue was corrected by removing the user from share t20. This made 19 shares and one public share visible and accessible to the user.