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OneDrive FAQ

This article covers some frequently asked questions regarding the OneDrive offer.

200GB OneDrive Cloud Storage redemption process

  1. Locate the correct 'Start_Here' icon on your drive​​​​
  2. Register your Seagate product
  3. Select the OneDrive promotional offer after registration
  4. Complete Microsoft 4-step process to redeem the offer

Microsoft 4-step process

  1. Sign-in to OneDrive
  • If you do not have an account then sign-up for OneDrive.
  • Business accounts will not work, personal only.
  1. Download OneDrive desktop client.
  • Apple users will download from App Store.
  • Windows users download from the link available during process.
  1. Upload a file to your OneDrive account
  • Don’t upload the file into a folder.  You must upload the file to the root of the account for the process to detect the new file was added.
  • If there are too many files saved to the root of your OneDrive account (not saved in a folder), it might prevent OneDrive from detecting a file has been recently added. You can move those files into a folder to complete the process and move them back after the process is complete.
  1. Create a file in your OneDrive account
  • Don’t save file inside of a folder.
  1. Get Bonus Storage
  • If bonus storage doesn’t show up immediately, log out, then back into OneDrive
  • Refresh the page
  • Check ‘Get more storage’ to see if the ‘Seagate Bonus’ shows there

Can I redeem multiple offers?

  • No.  Limit 1 offer redemption per person, account, and device.

Does it work with both Mac and Windows?

  • Yes     

When does the offer expire?

  • Offer must be redeemed by June 30, 2017

When does the 200GB expire?

  • The 200GB will expire 2 years from the date the offer was redeemed.
  • Data will be read only after expiration.
  • Upload feature will not be available after expiration.

Is there a file size limitation for uploading to OneDrive?

  • There is currently a 10GB file size limitation.