Seagate BlackArmor DAS Drive FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Seagate BlackArmor including information on its encryption capabilities, comparison with other software, and its backup capabilities.


BlackArmor DAS WS 110 Capacities

BlackArmor DAS PS 110 Capacities

BlackArmor DAS PS 110 USB 3.0

1TB 500GB 500 GB


In the event that you experience difficulties with your Seagate External drive, it is suggested that you:

  1. What are the minimum system requirements for this drive?
    Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  2. What is a DAS Drive?

    DAS is the acronym for Direct Attached Storage. This is a new term catching on in the industry. A DAS drive connects (attaches) "directly" to a computer, thus serving as extra storage. The attachment is established through an external port such as a USB or eSATA interface. In a nutshell, a DAS drive is a new term for an external storage drive.
  3. What capacities are available?
  4. Which BlackArmor DAS drive would best fit my needs?

    The BlackArmor DAS WS 110 is designed more for standalone PCs and/or workstations that require large quantities of external storage. This drive comes in larger capacities but requires a power supply connected to a wall outlet.
    The BlackArmor DAS PS 110 is more geared for compact/traveling environments where a portable external storage drive is needed, as this drive does not require a power supply.
    The BlackArmor DAS PS 110 USB 3.0 is Seagate’s first drive that offers the USB 3.0 interface.  If you want greater performance, this drive can provide transfer performance three times faster than a USB 2.0 drive.

  5. How are BlackArmor DAS drives pre-formatted?

    BlackArmor DAS drives are pre-formatted with a NTFS partition.

  6. Is there any pre-loaded/bundled software with the Seagate External Drives?

    Yes, there is bundled software on the drive - Seagate BlackArmor Backup. Upon connecting the drive, the Autorun window opens, asking you to install the BlackArmor Backup software. After this, the Welcome to Seagate Product Registration page opens. Enter the requested information to register your product. Once this is complete, the Seagate BlackArmor Backup menu is displayed. You may use the menu to install the software to your Windows system.

  7. How can I install software to my computer if the software does not Autorun?

    In the event that the Product Registration Screen does not launch, do one of the following:

      • Connect the Seagate BlackArmor DAS Drive to your Windows computer;
      • Click Start – Computer (My Computer for Windows XP). Browse to and locate the drive letter associated with your Seagate External Drive and once open, launch Setup.exe. Follow the on-screen prompts to register your drive and install the software.
  8. What is One-Click Protection?

    The default and initial backup option for Seagate BlackArmor Backup is One-Click Protection. Upon launching BlackArmor Backup, the software initializes/identifies drives on the Host as well as the BlackArmor DAS drive. Upon doing so, the BlackArmor Backup Main Menu opens, as well as the One-Click Protection. To start an immediate backup of your entire system, click Proceed.
    There you have it: protection of your entire computer with just one click.

  9. Are there backup methods available other than One-Click Protection?

    Yes. BlackArmor Backup offers the following pre-defined backup options:

    • My Computer - similar to One-Click Protection but with more options.
    • My Data - just as it is called; this is a data backup with the options of backing up certain file types such as Music, Videos, Financial Data, etc.
    • System State - essentially the same thing as Windows System Restore, but stored on external storage.
    • My Email - specifically designed to backup settings, accounts and messages on supported email clients (Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, etc.).
      Note: Lotus Notes is not supported.
    • Application Settings - Backs up user-specific features for applications (Word Processor's Dictionary).
  10. Can I also create custom backups of my system using BlackArmor Backup?

    For those brave enough to blaze off the trail of familiarity, BlackArmor Backup offers a plethora of customization settings that personalize your backup. Its settings include (but are not limited to):

    • Scheduling
    • Compression
    • Encryption

    Refer to the Seagate BlackArmor Backup User Guide for more information.

  11. My BlackArmor DAS did not come with a recovery CD... why?

    BlackArmor DAS drives do not come with a CD copy of SafetyDrill+ Software. However, the BlackArmor Backup software provides multiple ways in which you can access the recovery software and either create an ISO image or burn it to a CD.
    Refer to the Seagate BlackArmor Backup User Guide for more information on using the Media Builder to create a Recovery CD.

  12. What is Try and Decide?

    The Try and Decide feature allows you to create a secure, controlled temporary workspace on your computer. You can try out new programs or change system settings without having to worry about losing data or damaging your system. When finished experimenting, simply decide to keep the changes or discard the recent activity as if it never happened.

  13. Can the Software License that came with the BlackArmor DAS be added to those offered on a BlackArmor NAS device?

    No. Software Licenses for the BlackArmor NAS must be purchased from the Seagate Website. You cannot add the license provided with the DAS to a NAS.

  14. How can I check the health status of this drive?

    The following Software Diagnostics can be used to test the health of your Seagate External Desktop and/or External Portable Drive(s):

  15. Is there a way to prevent the drive from spinning down or to regulate its sleep time?

    By default, the Seagate External Desktop Drive spins down after 15 minutes of inactivity. Its counterpart, The Seagate External Portable Drive spins down after 5 minutes of inactivity. In most computer environments, this should be no issue. However some end-users prefer that their external drives never spin down. There is no bundled software that will adjust power management (spin down times) of a Seagate External Desktop or External Portable drive. If you wish to adjust this setting, download the FreeAgentTM | Desk Software. After installation, open Seagate Manager and select Settings – Adjust Power Setting. Refer to our tutorial on how to adjust power settings

  16. Seagate BlackArmor Backup does not recognize my WS 110 when it is connected through the ESATA Port...why?

    Some early eSATA controllers do not have the ability to pass through vendor information. This is a rare situation and is only known to occur with very few interface cards.
    To resolve this issue, users can submit a request to Seagate to download a utility via a Certificate Server that eliminates this problem.

  17. Will the drive work with Linux?

    Seagate External Desktop and/or Seagate Extended Portable drives should function like any other USB drive connected to a Linux-based computer. However, this practice is not supported by Seagate. Consult your Linux documentation if you wish to configure and install your Seagate External Desktop / Seagate External Portable drive to your Linux system.

  18. Will the drive work with Mac OS X?

    The software and format provided with a Seagate BlackArmor DAS drive are specific to the Windows Platform. A BlackArmor DAS can be formatted using the Mac Disk Utility to work with Mac OS X, but there is no bundled software for the Mac platform.

  19. What do I do if my Seagate External Desktop/Portable Drive is not recognized by my computer?