Seagate BlackArmor Manager: Deleting a Volume

Flash and text tutorial for deleting a volume.

Deleting a volume is data destructive. All data will be lost on the volume through performing this process. Seagate strongly recommends that you backup any/all data from the volume before continuing
The following provides the steps necessary to delete the volume. It is assumes the following:

  • You have backed up any/all critical data off of the BlackArmor NAS Server.
  • You are currently logged into the BlackArmor Manager with admin privileges.


  1. Mouseover Storage and click Volumes. The Volumes page opens.
  2. Locate the volume you wish to remove and click the Delete icon. A window opens asking you to confirm the deletion of the volume.
  3. Click OK. The Volume deletion starts processing. When finished, the message "RAID…deleted successfully..." disappears, the volume is removed.

Seagate Video Tutorial – Deleting a Volume
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