Seagate BlackArmor Manager: Email Setup

Flash and text tutorial for configuring Email Setup

How do I configure BlackArmor Manager’s Email Setup?

Email Setup is one of the most powerful tools available in the BlackArmor. When enabled, Email Setup will provide you messages with regards to various BlackArmor events such as:

  • System shutdown and reboot
  • Volume degradation
  • Hard drive (HDD) failure

…just to name a few. When a system event occurs, Email Setup will send a message through Seagate Global Access to your email address, notifying you that an event has occurred with the BlackArmor NAS 440/420. Most of the time, these messages are general or trivial. However, some may notify you of impending system problems, thus enabling you as the admin to be proactive and fix an issue before it gets worse.

The following provides the necessary steps for configuring Email Setup. This procedure assumes that you are currently logged in with admin permissions.

  1. Click System - Email Setup. The Email Setup page opens.
  2. Click Enable. Email Recipients Fields are displayed. Enter an email address in the field provided, or you can opt to enter multiple email addresses to receive notifications.
  3. Click Send Test Email. At this point, your BlackArmor NAS 440/420 will send an email to the recipients listed on the page. When finished, a window opens notifying that the email was sent successfully.
  4. Click OK to close this window.
  5. Click Submit. The email setup starts processing. When finished, the text message, "Update successful!" appears.

Seagate Video Tutorial – Email Setup
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