Seagate BlackArmor Manager: Overview of the Share Feature

Video and text tutorial for creating, modifying, and deleting a Share in BlackArmor Manager.

All of these features can be found under the BlackArmor Manager’s Storage – Share option. This Article shows how to create, modify (change), and delete a Share.


A Share is simply a Folder that contains common data that various Users/Groups can access publicly or through password authentication. The following provides the steps necessary to Create, Modify or Delete a Share. It is assumed that you are currently logged into the BlackArmor Manager with admin privileges.

To Create a Share:

    1. In the menu bar, select Storage, click Shares, then click the Add icon.
    2. Enter a name for the new share. To make the share easy to recognize on the server, give it a name that’s descriptive and easy to remember.
    3. Enter a description of the share.
    4. Select the share’s owner from the drop-down list of all user accounts.
    5. Select the types of protocols you want the share to support.
    6. Select the volume in which to create the share, if there is more than one volume on your server.
    7. You can protect files on the share from being accidentally deleted by adding a recycle bin to the share. Deleted files can be recovered from the recycle bin, if necessary. To add a recycle bin, beside Recycle Bin Service, click Enable.
    8. You can set the share to download specific types of files into default folders—for instance, all music files into Music. To automatically sort downloaded files, beside Drag&Sort Service, click Enable.
    9. Click the check box for Share Access to go to the page on which you set up and customize user and group access to this new share.
    10. Click Submit. The share is created.

To Modify a Share:

  1. In the menu bar, select Storage, then click Shares.
  2. Locate a Share whose settings need to be changed and click the Modify icon.
  3. Modify the share as needed:
    • Change Share Description and/or Owner
    • Check/Uncheck Services
    • Enable/Disable Recycle Bin and Drag&Sort Services
    • Note: You can also enable immediate Drag&Sort after submitting (clicking the Submit button).
  4. Click the Submit button. The Share is modified.

To Delete a Share:

  1. In the menu bar, select Storage, then click Shares.
  2. Locate the Share you wish to remove and click the Delete icon.
  3. A Confirmation window opens asking if you wish to delete the share. Click OK. The Share is deleted

Seagate Video Tutorial – Overview of the Share Feature

View Flash Guide
Click here to watch the movie to Delete a Share.