Seagate Business Rackmount - How to setup a NAS to NAS backup using the Rackmount as the destination

Explanation on how to set up the Rackmount as the destination of a NAS to NAS backup.

Note: The Seagate Business Rackmount NAS uses Rsync to do NAS to NAS backups. In order for the backup to be set properly, you will need another device that supports Rsync settings.

Once you have both the Rackmount and the other Rsync supported device connected to the same network, follow these steps to set the Rackmount as the backup destination:

1 - Access the administrator's page of the Seagate Rackmount. Once in there, click on Backup under Data Management.  Then, click on the Network Backup tab to the right.

2 - Under the Network Backup tab, click on Enable to make the service active. The Dashboard will prompt you to create a password. This password is specific to this service and Seagate recommends you use a different password than the Administrator's password.

3 - The service should now be turned on for the Seagate Rackmount NAS. The information you will need for the source NAS is displayed on that page. Access the administrator's page of your source NAS and enter the information required in the fields of the Rsync backup features. If an alias is required, use Network Backup as the alias. If an auth name is required, use network backup as the auth name.

Note: Not all devices will require the same information. Seagate strongly suggests you consult your source NAS' documentation on how to set up a NAS to NAS backup and how to have the source detect the Seagate Rackmount properly.

4 - From your source NAS, select the shares you want backed up to your Seagate Rackmount. All backed up data sent to the Seagate Rackmount will be in a shared folder called Network Backup. This share will be unassigned the first time it is created.  If you want to access that share, access the Shares menu under Users and Shares and mouse over the right side of the screen to get the Edit dropdown menu. Set your permissions from the menu.