This article is for informational purposes only and no longer being updated by Seagate.

Seagate Dashboard - Cloud Backup

This article explains how to backup to the cloud using Seagate Dashboard.

Setup Cloud Backup:
  1. Double Click to Open the Seagate Dashboard Software
  2. Click PC backup or Back up to cloud 
  3. Select New Backup Plan (Windows Only)
  4. Select the data you want backed up to the cloud
  5. Select Add Cloud
  6. Select one of the available Clouds
  7. Enter your credentials to sign in
  8. Place a Check mark where you want to backup
  9. Select how often to backup then click Start Backup


Error/Issue: Backup Failed
  1. If you select to backup more data than is available in your cloud account, the backups will fail.
  2. Each cloud backup service provider may have individual file size limitations.  If backups of larger (video) files are failing, attempt to backup smaller (photo) files .  If small files work, you should look into the cloud providers documentation to determine if there is a file size limit and what that limit might currently be.

Error/Issue: Backup running slower than expected
  1. Are you backing up connect to via ethernet or over Wi-Fi? If you are backing up over wi-fi then try connecting with an ethernet cable because it will be faster than Wi-Fi.
  2. What is your upload speed? You can find out using a service like to check your upload speed. If you are backing up several gigabytes of data and the upload speed is slow then it will take longer for the backup to complete.