Seagate Duet - My Files are not Syncing to Amazon Drive

There are limits to the filenames that can be uploaded to Amazon Drive

There may be times when certain files are not being synced from Seagate Duet to Amazon Drive. Here are some possible issues and fixes.

Incompatible File Names

       1. There can be no special characters in the file name
  • (<>:"/|?*)
  • $$
       2. With Windows operating systems, files can't contain the reserved keywords COM [1-9], LPT [1-9] CON, PRN, AUX, NUL as part of the filename.

File Size Limit

  • Files must not exceed 50GB in size.

Restart Your Computer

  • Restarting your computer will allow both the Seagate Duet software and the Amazon Cloud Drive to establish a new connection which may resolve any intermittent upload issues.

Excluded File Names

  •  The Seagate Duet software will not back up the following files or folders:
"system volume information"
  • The Seagate Duet software will not back up any file containing the following text:
  • The Seagate Duet software will not back up any files with the name ending in the following text: