Seagate Duet - Working with Amazon Drive

How to manage files in the cloud that have been synced from a Seagate Duet drive to Amazon Drive cloud storage.


This article assumes your Seagate Duet drive has already been configured to sync with an Amazon Drive account. If this is not the case, please see the article titled ‘Seagate Duet - Getting Started’ on the Seagate Duet support page here.


Accessing your Amazon Drive account 

Click the Seagate Duet icon in the taskbar to see a list of linked Seagate Duet drives. The first item listed is Amazon Drive which can be clicked to open your Amazon Drive account in a browser.

Alternatively this link can be used to sign in:


In Amazon Drive, if you don’t see the listed folder view, click All Files at the top on the left side of your screen.


Once a Seagate Duet drive has been linked to an Amazon Drive account, a new folder with the same name as the drive is created in that Amazon Drive account.


Managing Seagate Duet files in your Amazon Drive account. 

In your Amazon Drive, click the “Seagate Duet” folder to see its content.



Folders and files that have been copied to the Seagate Duet drive from your computer over USB and then synced to your Amazon Drive account will be listed inside.

Most file and folder actions are available at the bottom of the screen:

  • New Folder - Creates a new folder in the directory you’re currently viewing

  • Share - Creates a shareable link for a file or folder you’ve selected

  • Download - Downloads a selected file or folder to your computer

  • Rename - Changes the name of a file or folder you’ve selected

  • Move - Moves a selected file or folder around in the Amazon Drive

  • Delete - Removes a selected file or folder to the temporary Trash folder

To upload a file or folder from your computer to the Amazon Drive manually, click the Upload button in the top right corner.

You can also upload files or folders by clicking and dragging them from Explorer or Finder into your Amazon Drive in a browser.

Select multiple folders or files by checking the boxes to the left of them. Some folder and file actions can be applied to multiple items simultaneously using this method.


Note: The Seagate Duet folder is locked and cannot be renamed, moved, or deleted.



To unlock this folder (for example if you wish to delete it and start over) the Seagate Duet drive’s link to your Amazon Drive account first needs to be removed using the Seagate Duet software on your computer. This will stop the syncing process between Seagate Duet and Amazon Drive.

Click the Seagate Duet software’s icon in the taskbar, then right click the drive you wish to remove and click Remove Drive.


The Seagate Duet folder in your Amazon Drive account is now unlocked and can be deleted.



For extra details on managing files in your Amazon Drive account or help troubleshooting, see this Amazon Drive Help page.


Two-Way Sync Process Between Seagate Duet and Amazon Drive


  • Any files added to the Seagate Duet drive are automatically synced to the Amazon Drive account in its corresponding folder. If files on the external Seagate Duet drive are moved, deleted or renamed, these changes will be applied to the corresponding files in the cloud.

  • Syncing works both ways, so if the Seagate Duet’s files are moved, deleted or renamed in the cloud, these changes will be applied to the corresponding files on the Seagate Duet drive.