Seagate DVR Expander Installation and Setup - Dish Network

Connection, installation, and initial usage instructions for the Seagate DVR Expander with Dish Network DVR units.

Please follow these steps for installing and setting up the Seagate DVR Expander with a Dish Network DVR.

  1. Power off the DVR.
  2. Plug in the USB cable to the DVR and the power cable to the Seagate DVR Expander.
  3. Power the DVR on.
  4. You will receive a prompt to format the external drive.
    Select Yes to continue.

  5. After the drive finishes the format, the DVR will restart. The restart will take about 5 minutes.
  6. Go to the Multimedia tab and select External media devices to move content to the drive.

  7. Select My Media under External USB Devices.

  8. Use the Send to Device option to move shows to the Seagate DVR Expander.
    You may also use the Manage device option to remove content from the drive.