Seagate Media app and thumbnails for videos

Provides a discussion about the relationship between the Seagate Media app and thumbnails.

Note: When this article refers to a Wireless Device it is referring to a Seagate Wireless Plus or a Seagate Wireless.

The Seagate Media app for Wireless Devices, Personal Cloud, Seagate Central, and GoFlex Satellite does not automatically generate thumbnails. If your video contains a thumbnail image, the image will display in the app.

You can add thumbnails to the files in conformity with the guidelines below:

  • Thumbnail size for videos (cover art) should be 280 x 400 to support iOS Retina.
  • Thumbnails must be saved in the same folder as the movie.
  • File type should be .jpg, .png, .tif, or .bmp
  • Characters in the name should match the name of the movie.
  • Size should be larger than 50 KB for them to be treated as a related image for that movie.