Seagate Policy Regarding Drives Installed In DVR Units

Explains Seagate's policy regarding Seagate drives installed in DVR products.
Certain digital video recorders (DVRs), set top boxes, and similar digital entertainment devices automatically modify (lock) settings on installed disk drives that allow the drive to operate with the DVR device's operating system. If the drive is removed from the digital entertainment device and installed into a PC, the PC's BIOS may not recognize the full capacity of the drive as a result of these modifications.

Seagate is not responsible under its limited warranty to correct this problem and does not perform this service. If you are experiencing this problem and wish to have it corrected, you should consider contacting an independent DVR repair service that claims to conduct hard-drive unlocking.

Please note that Seagate makes available the following drive repair service for reference only. Seagate takes no responsibility whatsoever for the services, software or utilities provided by the referenced company. More specifically, Seagate does not authorize, certify, qualify, or endorse any of these services, software, or utilities, nor does Seagate warrant the skill, quality, validity, accuracy, and completeness of the services, software, or utilities, provided by this company.

How to Unlock a Locked Maxtor-brand drive from a DVR / TiVo

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