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Seagate Replica - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for Seagate Replica drives, including information on usage, description of operation, and how to restore.

What Operating Systems does Replica support?
Replica is supported on the following operating systems -  Windows 7, Windows Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate), and Windows XP Home and XP Professional (Service Pack 2).


How do I know Replica is really backing up my PC? Does Replica tell me it's working?
Yes, it does. Position your cursor over the Replica icon in the lower right hand corner of your Desktop, in the Desktop Tray. An information bubble will appear, showing the status of the Replica and the most recent file backup time. Hover your cursor over any file on your PC. The time the file was last backed up and the number of backup file versions you have will display in a tool tip bubble.

How can I retrieve a file I accidentally deleted?
To retrieve a file from your Replica, double-click the Replica icon on your Windows® XP or Vista™ desktop or within the "Computer/My Computer" folder. This will open a "My Replica" Windows Explorer window. Find the file or folder you're looking for and simply drag-and-drop it to where you want it on your PC. You can also open the file or save it to a folder of your choosing.

How do I know I will be able to get everything back? Isn’t trying it out to see too risky?
No, because Replica is not destructive. This is to say that Replica does not ever change or delete anything on your PC. It only copies things from your PC to itself. You can easily demonstrate this for yourself by retrieving a file, such as a Word document or a spreadsheet, from Replica to your PC.

Will Replica make my computer run slower?
You should not notice any difference in speed or function of your PC usage. This is because Replica is designed to perform its work during moments of PC inactivity, such as when you are on the phone, at lunch, or during short breaks in your PC use.

What does it mean for Replica to backup in a “continuous” fashion?
This means that moments after any new files are created or any old files are changed and saved on your PC, Replica makes a backup copy of them. When you delete a file on your PC, the backup copy or copies of that file and its versions remain in your Replica backup for potential future recovery by you.

Does Replica protect my PC from viruses?
Replica is a key part of good antivirus protection. A reputable antivirus software package will scan your PC files for any viruses. Should you lose data due to a virus, Replica allows you to recover files prior to the virus, and, if necessary, recover your entire PC to an earlier point in time.

What, exactly, will Replica back up on my PC?
Replica will backup everything on your PC. Replica will continuously backup multiple internal-PC disks and disk partitions. This, of course, includes the entire system partition (typically the "C:" partition), and all other data partitions and disks. (Replica backs up other, "hidden" partitions on the system disk, such as recovery partitions, only once, the first time it is plugged into the computer).

How can I tell how much of my Replica space is used, and if I need more?
Unlike traditional backup methods, you don't have to concern yourself with the issue, because Replica will automatically delete the oldest backup information no longer on your PC when Replica gets full to make space for your new information. For example, the oldest backups of files no longer on your PC (such as those from some weeks or months ago) would be automatically deleted to allow for a current backup if the Replica is full. In this way, everything on your PC will always be backed up.

What happens if my PC drive fills up the Replica?
As long as the capacity of Replica is the same as or larger than the PC drive (e.g., a PC disk drive of 160GB with a Replica of 160GB capacity) the Replica will automatically delete older backup information so that the Replica will never get completely full. In this way, your current information will always be backed up, and you never need concern yourself with managing what's on your backup. For example, the oldest backup, such as a backup from some months ago, would be automatically deleted to allow for a current backup if the Replica is full.

How far back will the backups go?
Backups will be available from the past until the Replica becomes full. At that point, the oldest backup or backups will be deleted to make room for a newer, current backup, so that everything currently on your PC will always be backed up.

I’ve got two PCs; can I back up both on one Replica?
The 500 GB version of Replica is specifically designed to backup as many compatible systems as there is space available on the Replica drive. The 250 GB version is designed for only one PC.

If I take my computer on a trip and don’t take my Replica; will Replica catch up when I plug it in when I get back?
Yes. Note that if there are many new files on your PC, it may take a few minutes for Replica to backup those files if you are also using your computer. This is because Replica does its copying during moments when your computer is not being used by you.

I need extra storage for my PC. Can I use the Replica to store things?
No. Replica is not accessible as an additional PC disk drive. It is a PC backup appliance and is only accessible for Replica backup and recovery use.

Can Replica back up my iPod?
Replica cannot back up an iPod directly. However, Replica does back up your whole iTunes directory on your PC. Therefore, your iTunes music that is synchronized with your iPod could be recovered from your Replica back to your PC in the event of loss.

What if I have a PC hard disk crash?
Replace the destroyed disk drive with a new disk drive. Once the new disk drive is installed into your PC, connect the Replica and insert the Replica Recovery CD into your CD disk drive. Turn your PC on, and select from the displayed screen the point in time to which you want to restore, and Replica will restore your entire PC disk to exactly like it was at that time.
To recover your entire PC backup for any reason that does not require a new hard disk drive, such as a corrupt file system table, follow the same simple steps but without replacing the PC hard disk.
Replica comes with the PC Recovery CD, and a recovery takes only a few hours rather than the few days it could take to do it yourself or to send it out to be worked on.

If my computer is destroyed can I restore to a new computer?
You can recover your entire PC backup from Replica onto a replacement PC of the exact same make and model in the case of catastrophes like a destroyed PC or a lost or stolen notebook. It is important to note that all of the operating system files that are backed up on your Replica are those used by your previous PC. If the replacement PC is not the exact same make and model as your lost PC, the recovered system files may not allow the new PC to run properly. However, you can recover any files and folders from your Replica to a different PC.

Can I use Replica to move files from one computer to another?
Yes, you can recover backed up files from one computer to another computer. Replica is designed for continuous, transparent backup and easy recovery of files or an entire PC. Replica also provides for portability of backed up data to another PC, should you want to recover backed up files to a different PC.

Can I back up my CDs and DVDs onto my Replica?
No. Replica only backs up all of the files on your PCs internal hard disk drives. If you want other files (such as from a CD or DVD or external hard disk drive) backed up, you must first copy those files to your PCs drive(s).

If I have an external disk drive, will Replica interfere with it?
No. Replica is a PC backup appliance that does not interfere with any other functions or operations of your computer system.

If I have an external USB disk drive, will Replica back it up?
No. Replica automatically and continuously backs up all internal disk drives on your PC. Replica does not backup any external USB or networked disk drives.

What triggers the creation of a recovery point?
Recovery points are made approximately every 24 hours. If more than 24 hours have elapsed since Replica was last plugged into the current computer, then a Recovery point will begin right away.

Will a new Recovery Point occur at the same time, every 24 hours?
Yes. However if a Replica has been disconnected from a computer for more than 24 hours and then reconnected, a Recovery Point will be created immediately.

Are there certain file types that do not get continuously backed up?
Yes. For instance, Microsoft Outlook .OST and .PST files only are backed up at the time Recovery Point(s) are created.