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Seagate Replica - No Recovery Point Today

The Replica software is set to capture a Recovery Point every 24 hours. This article explains if no point has been created.

The Replica software is set to capture a Recovery Point every 24 hours. If the Replica is disconnected or the computer is powered off, the Recovery Point will be captured at the next available time that the computer is on and the Replica is connected. Recovery Point processing utilizes the Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service to create a static "view" of the disk and any open files in order to collect the relevant data necessary for full-system recovery.

In between these Recovery Point times, the Replica software is in Continuous Data Protection mode. Files that are created or changed are copied to the Replica. While you use the mouse and keyboard, the Replica software remains idle. As soon as you stop using the mouse and keyboard for 15-30 seconds, the software copies files until it catches up or you move the mouse again. It is possible to force a Recovery Point, but not terribly convenient. If you introduce a storage device, such as an NTFS formatted USB flash drive, you can add the item to the backup set. This addition forces the creation of a Recovery Point, and this becomes the new set point for the 24 hour clock.

Simply follow these steps to force a Recovery Point.

  1. Connect a NTFS-formatted USB flash drive.
  2. Right-click the Replica tray icon in the lower right corner, near the clock.
  3. Select "More" -> "Select drives to back up".
  4. Click to select the checkbox beside the drive.
  5. Click "OK".