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Seagate Replica - Uninstalling Replica from a PC

Procedure for uninstalling Replica from a Windows computer.

Your Replica is licensed for use on multiple computers. You can add or remove computers as you like.

To remove a PC from Replica, simply uninstall the Replica software.

If Replica is connected to the PC, uninstalling the Replica software also removes the PCs backup files. If Replica is not connected, you must remove the backup files manually. See “Using the Replica Icon Right-Click Menu” for details.

You can also reset Replica, which erases all backups and resets the device for reuse.

To remove a PC from Replica backup, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Replica to the PC.
  2. Using the Windows “Start” button, open Control Panel, and then the software uninstall dialog as follows: Windows Vista/Windows 7: Click on Programs and Features. Windows XP: Click on Install/Uninstall Applications.
  3. Find and click Replica.
  4. Then click Uninstall. A dialog pops up to confirm that you want to uninstall Replica from this computer.
  5. Click OK to proceed.
  6. You are next asked if you want to reset Replica. Yes: erases all backups on Replica and resets it for reuse. Use caution, as this cannot be undone! No: erases backups for your PC only. All other backups remain intact.

Once this process completes you are done. This process could take a few minutes.

To use your Replica with a different computer, follow the Quick Start Instructions on that computer.