Seagate Wireless Devices - If I Send Usage Information, what will be recorded?

Provides a list of information the new Seagate Media app will collect if allowed.

Note: When this article refers to a Wireless Device it is referring to a Seagate Wireless Plus or a Seagate Wireless.

The Seagate Media app may request that you share non-personally-identifiable metadata in order to improve Seagate service in the future, if the following three conditions are met:

  • The Wireless Device’s firmware is up-to-date
  • The Seagate Media app is at the latest version
  • Your device (ie, smart phone, tablet, notebook computer, etc) is connected concurrently to the Wireless Device and the Internet.

In that case, the app may display this pop-up request to Send Usage Information:

If you select Allow, the following includes the data that is collected from your device and sent to Seagate:

Device serial number
Current date and time
Device Model name
HDD statistics

  • Number of partitions
  • Amount of free space or of free partitions

File statistics

  • Number of videos, music files, photos and documents

Database error logs

  • Issues your drive experienced

Database version
Firmware version
Number of tablets / computers, etc. connected to your Wireless Device