Seagate Wireless - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for the Seagate Wireless, including information on compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems, Wi-Fi usage, and battery usage.

What's the difference between the Seagate Wireless and Seagate Wireless Plus?
The Wireless Plus comes in extended capacities, adds DLNA support, supports streaming to more devices simultaneously, and is better suited for general wireless storage.  The Seagate Wireless is focused on offering additional storage capacity for your smartphone or tablet, to bring more media with you on the go and to backup/transfer files from your mobile device to free up space on your mobile device’s built in storage.

What capacities are available?
The Seagate Wireless is available in 500GB capacity.

Can I play files from my Seagate Wireless on my computer?
Yes, for Windows and Mac computers files can be played while the drive is connected with USB or when connected via Wi-Fi (if your computer has wireless capability).
For instructions on how to connect via Wi-Fi and play your media, please see the user guide.

Computers with a Linux OS are not supported by Seagate, but as long as your version of Linux has appropriate browser support, media player capability, and wireless connectivity, it should be able to connect and play files.

Can I play files from my Seagate Wireless on my iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch or Android?
Yes. Files can be played via Wi-Fi. Videos in formats that are compatible with your particular smartphone/tablet can be streamed using the Seagate Media app or an Internet browser. Unsupported video formats can be played back using a third party media player of your choice (just long press the video for options). Also, videos can be converted to a playable format on the computer using a third party application before copying the files to the Seagate Wireless.
For instructions on how to view and play your media, please see the user guide or the getting started tutorial inside the Seagate Media App.

Can I use the Seagate Wireless without using the app?
Yes. You can use the Seagate Wireless through your device’s native browser (Safari for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch or Webkit for Android devices).


What Seagate Wireless apps are available? Where can I get them?
The Seagate Media app is currently available for:

  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch at the Apple App store
  • Android devices at the Google Play store
  • Kindle Fire at the Amazon App store
  • Windows 8+/Windows RT tablets and computers in the Windows Store


Functionality - charging and battery
Will the Seagate Wireless charge while it is connected via USB to my computer? USB 2.0 or 3.0?
Although the Wireless may slowly charge when connected via USB to your computer, Seagate recommends using the wall charger to charge your device properly.
USB 2.0 may not provide enough power to charge the battery, especially while the drive is in use. USB 3.0 is recommended for effective charging when using a computer’s USB port.


How long will it take to charge Seagate Wireless?
Estimated time to charge a fully depleted Seagate Wireless is approximately:

  • Three hours using the wall charger
  • Nine hours using a computer's USB port (when the device is not in use)

USB 2.0 may not provide enough power to charge the battery, especially while the drive is in use. USB 3.0 is recommended for effective charging when using a computer’s USB port.

Can I replace the Seagate Wireless battery?
No. The battery is designed to last the life of the product and it is not designed to be replaced by the user.

Will the Seagate Wireless continue to be available via Wi-Fi when I'm charging it?
Yes. If the Seagate Wireless is powered on, it will continue to be accessible via Wi-Fi. However, it must be charging via the power plug.
If the Seagate Wireless is charging via a computer, the Wi-Fi signal will be turned off. The drive will operate in only one mode at a time, either USB or Wi-Fi.

Data storage, sync software, and computer usage
Can I use the Seagate Wireless as an external hard drive with both my Mac and PC?
Yes. Like other Seagate Backup Plus and GoFlex drives, the Seagate Wireless comes with a driver called the NTFS driver. This driver enables Mac OS to read and write to the NTFS partition. Windows can read and write to NTFS partitions by default, so driver installation is not required. The NTFS driver can be found preloaded on your device or on the Wireless support page.

Do I need to store my content in predefined folders?
You do not need to use the default folders. The Video, Music, and Photo views will find the files even if they are stored in other folders.


When I download a file from the Seagate Wireless to my iPad, where is it stored?
It will be stored within the Seagate Media app. Downloaded files are not accessible by other iPad apps. However if you use the Share option by long tapping the file it can be shared with Apps that support the Share feature.

Does the Seagate Wireless stream in high-definition?
It is capable of streaming in high-definition up to 9 megabits per second, but some tablets and smartphones may not support HD formatted videos.

Do I need Internet connection for the Seagate Wireless to work?
No. You do not need Internet connection to be able to access data from the Seagate Wireless. The Seagate Wireless creates its own wireless network, so your iOS devices or other Wi-Fi enabled devices can access the Seagate Wireless without Internet access. To be able to surf the web or check your email while connected to the Seagate Wireless, you must connect/reconnect to an existing Wi-Fi network in concurrent mode.
How many devices can I stream content to from the Seagate Wireless?
With the Seagate Wireless you can stream up to three different HD movies to three devices at the same time, or stream photos, songs, and documents to up to eight devices.

How do I check my firmware version and how can I get the latest firmware updates?
The Seagate Wireless is designed to automatically update to the latest firmware when in concurrent mode. To check your firmware version, open the Seagate Media app or the Seagate Wireless browser interface, then select the Settings > About menu.

Is there password protection or encryption on the Seagate Wireless?
The Seagate Wireless Wi-Fi connection can be protected with a password and WPA-level security. This does not apply to the USB connection, which is not password-protected