Seagate Wireless How to Optimize Battery Life

Advice for maximizing the battery life of the Seagate Wireless device.
Battery life can be affected by a variety of factors. To obtain optimal battery life, it is recommended that the following guidelines are followed:
  • Verify that the battery of your drive is fully charged before use
  • Use the Seagate Media App
  • Disable Internet Mode
  • Stream to only one device connected directly to the Seagate Wireless Wi-Fi network
  • Turn on Stream and Download mode
           stream and download
  • Let the drive index in advance (if a lot of content was added turn the drive on and let it sit while it catalogs the files)
  • Play only .mp4 (non-DRM) videos that has less than a 4Mb/s bit rate
  • Minimize the distance between the Seagate Wireless device and your mobile device
          Note: Any videos played with a 3rd party video player will not be optimized