Seagate Wireless Plus - How to upload content in iOS 6+

Provides instructions for moving content to the Seagate Wireless Plus drive from your iOS device.
To upload content to the Seagate Wireless Plus drive using an iOS device, please follow this procedure:
1. Launch the Seagate Media app on your iOS device.
2. Select the three lines at the top left of the application.
3. Select the device that contains the content you would like to upload to your Seagate Wireless Plus. Browse to the location of the content on that device. Note: From an iOS device you will only be able to upload content from the camera roll. Unless it was previously downloaded from the drive. 
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4. Select the Checkmarked circle located at the top right on an iPad. For an iPhone/iPod Select the three dots at the top right corner then from the drop down list choose Edit.
5. Select the file(s) you want to upload.
6. Then choose Actions and select the Upload button.

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To view the progress of your upload, select the bell at the top right corner and it will display the progress of all the files being uploaded.