Seagate Wireless Wi-Fi Signal Not Detected

Troubleshooting steps when Seagate Wireless' wi-fi signal is not detected.

1.) Verify drive is stand alone and is not connected to USB cable

2.) Verify battery icon LED is on and is green and that Wi-Fi LED is on and solid BLUE

3.) Verify network name ( if modified ) and password ( if one is set ) do not contain Special Characters, should use       letters and numbers only

Note : If the above steps have not resolved the issue, the next step in the process would be to reset the drive's network settings using the steps below.

1.) Locate the reset button on the front of the drive next to the USB port

reset pin hole

2.) While the Wi-Fi LED is lit and solid, insert a paperclip or other pointed object into the reset button and hold it in for 10 seconds, then release

3.) Power off the Seagate Wireless device.

4.) Wait for 2 minutes

5.) Power on the Seagate Wireless

6.) Wait for the Wi-Fi LED to turn solid blue

7.) Attempt to connect to the drive using your mobile device. Select the Wi-Fi, and then choose the Seagate Wireless network from the list of available networks.